The Wicked God Of The Old Testament

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Marcion’s basic reasoning laid the foundation for a whole bunch of other ‘heretic’ ideas that would plague the church in later years. There were the ideas of Manichaeism right after Marcion. Manichaeism preached that Satan was as strong as God. Then there were the Paulicians who thought Christ was just an angel sent to the world by God not an incarnation of divinity by immaculate conception; the Albigenses who taught that it was actually Satan that created the world we see not God; the Bogomils who struck out the divinity of Christ, and so on. All of these groups and their ideas were rejected by the church and outlawed. The Roman Catholic Church found some of these teachings so disgusting that some of the popes did not hesitate to use naked force and war to stamp them out. Then in February 2010 a similar idea, somewhat independently – she had never heard of Marcion, like so many Christians – was admitted by my friend. She got reading the Bible and suddenly realised that her stomach had started churning at what she was reading…


The Wicked God of the Old Testament

The God of the Old Testament is so different in character from that of the new that ancient theologians figured out they were two distinct personalities, each carrying enough force of essence to warrant different kinds of attention. One is fierce, the other calm. One forgives, seventy times seven in one day. The other does not forgive. Rather, he visits the sin of fathers on their children, and on their children’s children – to the third and fourth generations. Are there two Gods, like first century teacher Marcion of Sinope thought? What is the significant point in relationship between the God of the Old Testament and that of the new, as it is represented in the teachings of Jesus Christ? Is religion supposed to be a transition of human consciousness from cruel primitive instincts to selfless universal rationality? The Wicked God of the Old Testament examines the most critical thing religion should be doing for humanity today – and how everybody can contribute.

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