The Gospel According to Niger Delta Militants

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There are only two kinds of people on earth: leaders and followers. The most important relationship between these two groups is what is known as government and studied as politics. In Nigeria politics is an easy ticket to heaven, but not collective heaven.

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The Gospel According to Niger Delta Militants

From the Niger Delta and the mantles of the creek generals to Aso Rock and the cabals in power, from APC to PDP, from Lord Lugard to Muhammadu Buhari, from Old Oyo Empire to the ascendance of King Koko, from Gowon to Ojukwu: what exactly is the problem of Nigeria? What part has both peaceful and violent political opposition played in the transformation of Nigeria’s destiny? Is there any hope for the future? Inside these illustrative collections lie the hope of 200 million people who must embrace democratic principles to escape bad prophecies – or face the alternative of looming doom.

2 reviews for The Gospel According to Niger Delta Militants

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