The Biafra Manifesto


Biafra is not an ideal. Biafra is not a dream. No, it is not.
Biafra is not just the images you see in the media of angry youths screaming their frustrations to the cadence of regional activism, waving the flag with the now familiar half of a yellow sun. It is not just the blunt propaganda used in whipping up destructive tantrums in the minds of the more emotionally driven followers. Biafra is deeper than these things, greater in essence. Biafra is a hunger. The hunger gives birth to the agitation. The purity of this hunger in the mouth of true Biafran prophets must be distinguished from the misplaced colorations of the more mundane kind of agitations.
Those who deny the existence of this hunger are not being honest. Those who ignore it are misled. Those who attack it should be well prepared. Those who believe in it must never be blinded by its emotion. Those who invest in it should never be hateful.

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Biafra is a portion of eastern and southern Nigeria that many will rather call their own separate country. The Biafra Manifesto is a seminal dissemination of this potential conflict in Nigeria, at the tip of Western Africa, that could kill a million people and displace millions more. Biafra is a beautiful dream to some, an imperative hope to some and an ugly, hopeless rhetoric to some. In a world where global and conscious reaction to conflict rises post scriptum The Biafra Manifesto raises a cry for the world to stop and look before the storm, not after; as it did in Rwanda in 1994. There is now only one power on earth that can stop the movement of Biafra from escalating to the next devastating carnage in Africa. The Biafra Manifesto clearly identifies what that power is – and how best to use it, before it is too late.
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