Pastors That Won’t Make Heaven

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The love of money, not money itself, is the root of all evil, states the Bible, probably to warn the faithful of this danger. You cannot serve God and Mammon, says Jesus Christ, putting matters very bluntly. Commercial Christianity is a current way of religious living that attempts to serve as much of God and Mammon as it is possible to do without getting God suspicious about what is going on exactly. This attempt to hoodwink and trick God is nothing new in Christian religious literature. It is actually an attempt to trick and hoodwink God’s children by Lucifer. As I have pointed out at the beginning of this booklet Lucifer has made use of the trick over and over again. The commerce going on in the churches today is not worse than the one going on in the temple when Jesus Christ walked in and tried to stop it. The goats and chickens have just been replaced by praise and worship CDs, DVDs, books, anointing oils and so on. Christians today mostly forget that the goats and chickens and money transactions going on in the temple at Jerusalem when Jesus walked in were being used in the service and worship of God, like the books and CDs and DVDs today…


Pastors That Won’t Make Heaven

Their churches are among the greatest. They fly around the world in private jets, supervising their global ministries. Millions read their books. More watch them on TV. It is incredible to even imagine it. We follow them. We emulate them. We accept that they speak for God. But because we claim we believe does not really mean we do. Because we say we understand does not always mean we do. Because we think we see does not often mean we do. As Christians living today it is very important that we never allow ourselves to slip into the kind of self-righteousness that made the Ancient Hebrews reject Christ while he was attempting to bring enlightenment, out of Love, to their religion. Learning our lessons from the stories of the Sanhedrin and Jesus Christ we should never shut out spiritual enlightenment simply because it goes against what we have come to accept as the religious norm and practice of our times. Pastors That Won’t Make Heaven takes a closer look at what Christian salvation means today – and what it should mean.


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